Battle of the Bulge – 77 Years, Avec Neige!

Today marks the 77th anniversary of the start of the Battle of the Bulge. This was a special year, not because I visited (I didn’t), but because it snowed in Belgium. Last weekend 10cm of snow fell upon the Bulge areas, mimicking the snowy conditions seen around this time 77 years ago.

The snow wasn’t heavy, nor was the temperature a bitter freezing cold, but the conditions helped create picturequse visuals of the area. When I visited in 2019 I hoped for snow – but I got rain the entire time. I still had an absolute blast!

My friend Tommy, a WWII battlefield tour guide and a re-enactor based out of Normandy, was lucky enough to be in Belgium to capture the wonderful snowy ambiance. He then graciously combined the 1944 photo of Rocco in Bütgenbach with the current conditions of the same area, creating a stunning picture and keepsake. It brings me pleasure to share the photo with all of you. Thank you Tommy, I am truly touched by this photo – Rocco would have been proud to have known you. Wish I could have been there!

Rocco in Bütgenbach during the Battle of the Bulge combined with current snowy conditions of Bütgenbach today. Photo by Thomas Bernard.
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