Battle of the Bulge 76th Anniversary – A Reflection

DECEMBER 16 – Today marks the day the Battle of the Bulge officially started 76 years ago.

Last year I had the great pleasure of visiting Belgium during the 75th Anniversary, visiting the sites and participating in the many festivites all in Rocco’s honor. Now just one year later, everything is quite different. There will be no big events, parades, or celebrations to mark this date. The dwindling US veterans cannot make the trip to visit their old battlegrounds, perhaps one final time. Instead, we can honor those who fought and those who gave their lives through an online tribute.

So to mark this year’s anniversary, I will create a series of posts to recap the details of my trip last year, part travel log and part reflection and remembrance. It was truly special for me to be there for the 75th Anniverary and I am so grateful to have been able to visit when I did. Not only was it an unforgettable trip, but it’s always an honor to keep Rocco’s memory and achievements alive. I can only hope he was there with me in spirit and that he was proud. I miss him every day and more so on prominent WWII anniversaries.

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