Rocco in the News

Corner of 31st Avenue and 41st Street Co-Named ‘Staff Sergeant Rocco Moretto Way’: Astoria Post, October 29, 2019

Astoria co-naming honors WWII hero: Queens Chronicle, October 24, 2019

Mitt, Rifle & Community: VA NY Harbor Health Care System October 4, 2017

Moretto honored on D-Day anniversary: Queens Chronicle June 12, 2014

Maloney Honors Vets For D-Day Anniversary: Queens Gazette June 11, 2014

Statue of Liberty ceremony will mark D-Day’s 70th Anniversary: New York Post June 6, 2014

Battlefield Bravery of D-Day Recalled by Vets: June 6, 2014 (Video) 

D-Day soldier remembers: ‘It’s the event of my lifetime’: New York Daily News June 5, 2014 (Video and Article)

D-Day 70th Anniversary: New Yorkers of the Greatest Generation remember: AMNewYork June 5, 2014

The Most Memorable Memorial Day 2014: The Queens Village Republican Club May 31, 2014

The Little Neck Douglaston Memorial Day Parade: Honoring Our Heroes: Queens Gazette May 21, 2014

President Roosevelt Commemoration Ceremony on April 12th: FDR Four Freedoms Park April 12, 2014

Brooklyn Museum Brooklyn Museum – In Conversation Video with Questions and Answers

Queens VFW Named for WWII Vet:  NBC 4 New York June 7, 2013 (Video)

VFW Post renamed for WWII vet Rocco Moretto: United War Veterans Council June 7, 2013

VFW post to be renamed in honor of Astoria WWII hero on 69th annivesary of D-Day: New York Daily News June 5, 2013

LIC Post renamed after WWII Veteran: Times Ledger June 14, 2013

Veterans profiles: From World War II to Afghanistan,  they’ve been tested by war: New York Daily News November 8, 2011

Time To Pucker Up In Times Square: New York CBS 2 August 14, 2010

LIC Resident Returns Home With France’s Highest Honor: Queens Chronicle June 17, 2004

France Welcomes Back U.S. Veterans:  Fox News June 4, 2004

Queens World War II Veteran Got 12 Medals And Three Bronze Stars: Times Newsweekly November 15, 2001

Veteran Oral History Interview published by the New York State Military Museum. March 20, 2003

One thought on “Rocco in the News

  1. Dear Rocco

    My name is Stanislav Meinl, and I am writing to you from Kraslice in the Czech Republic.

    I am working with The Mayor of the town to commemorate the liberation of our town Kraslice (formerly known in German as Graslitz) by the 26th Infantry Regiment (Blue Spader) from 1st Infantry Division (The Big Red One) 70 years ago on 7. 5. 1945.

    I know you were part of the infantry division, and we would love to hear your account of the liberation. We have some materials that we would be delighted to share with you, and we are keen to gather as much information or pictures you may have about this important time for our town. We are keen to find out as much as we can about the 26th Infantry Regiment (Blue Spader) from 1st Infantry Division (The Big Red One).

    Thank you in advance, and I look forward to hearing from you.

    With Kind Regards

    Stanislav Meinl

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