D-Day, Normandy and Beyond Website

Rocco’s page on the D-Day, Normandy and Beyond website.

I just wanted to share a wonderful resource for D-Day veterans stories, including Rocco’s!

The D-Day, Normandy and Beyond website was started in 2000 by an acquaintance Rocco’s and was made in honor of the veterans and victims of WWII. Since then the site has grown exponentially, housing a wealth of information and first hand accounts. For the past two decades the curator, who resides in the Netherlands, has collected over 200 stories from men and women who fought, lived, and died during WWII. The stories are unedited and in the words of the men and women who contributed. They can be used for education, personal interest, and research.

Not only does the website contain eyewitness accounts of the Allied and Axis troops of WWII who fought on the beaches of D-Day, but also of stories from Holocaust victims and concentration camp survivors, the war on the Eastern front, the Pacific, and the rest of Europe.

You can explore Normandy1944 further and read some wonderful veteran stories. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

  • Jill Moretto

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